ReLease and Energise!

I was meeting my son for a late breakfast on the weekend and as I stepped out of the car, I noticed the regrowth on an old tree on the nature strip.

I was fascinated by how some old branches had been cut off and that new growth was emanating from around the ends of the cut off branches.

We see this time and again in nature following a bushfire or the trimming back of a tree, how the new growth comes through, thriving and greener than ever.

At the moment there is a trend in my coaching clients seeking either career change or career development. My current coaching clients are keen to do something with their career as they have either stagnated or are not doing what they are passionate about.

After a coaching session or two and after we have done some work on visioning, we uncover the fear that is holding them back, and stopping them from moving ahead. After we have released their fear, the client has a new vision of their career and we are able to progress them on the journey they have chosen – with renewed energy and vigour!

If you are interested in pursuing your passion or reigniting your career and are not sure what steps to take, contact me about my ReLease Program and together we will reenergize and reinvigorate your passion and your career!

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