Coaching offers individuals the opportunity to work one-on-one with a coach to focus on enhancing personal performance, wellbeing and success.  We will design a coaching program tailored just for you that is holistic and incorporates the appropriate assessments to measure your current base. 


Executive coaching consists of a series of one-on-one sessions with the coach, aimed at enhancing your personal and job performance, in the areas you have identified.

We offer a range of tools to measure your current state and assist you to achieve more in your workplace, and your life.   Your coach will serve as a facilitator, motivator, consultant and sounding board, dealing with business goals, people interaction and self management concerns.  Behaviour change is the key focus, guiding you to think and do things differently.


Career coaching guides you to determine a career direction that is linked to your personal values set, preferences and skills.  Together we will develop a career plan that includes 1 - 3 year career goals and a personal development plan to ensure your success!

Coaching is suitable for:

  • Leaders, managers and team members seeking to enhance their workplace and personal success and to achieve their goals sooner

  • Individuals seeking career direction and career planning

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What if we could introduce you and your team to a technique to develop greater control over achieving powerful 'Aha' moments and learn how to unlock sparks of insight and creativity on command rather than by accident!?


Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation and innovative thinking. Innovation is about discovering new methods and approaches and often comes to an individual as an ‘aha’ moment!  Many people believe that these ‘aha’ or ‘eureka’ moments are adhoc or accidental.

Extrem³e Thinking is a four-stage process that anyone can learn and incorporate into their daily routine.  Following the steps requires you to first recognise that you are struggling with a problem and then distance yourself from the frustration in order to alter your perspective.  Finally, you set the problem aside for a period of time allowing the data you have gathered to gestate in your unconscious.  When you return to the problem, your brain is operating at a more optimised level. You have switched off your intensive, over-analytical thinking and have entered a new, more relaxed mental state we call the 'SuperMind'.

Every business or individual could benefit from the discovery of new and innovative ways of doing things, to save time and money and remain more competitive.  

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We tailor programs to suit each individual team’s required outcomes. We understand that teams comprise individual members who may vary in expertise and experience and have different levels of training and development. We know that team members comprise highly competent professionals who work in complex, high-pressure environments and are asked to achieve multiple performance outcomes with limited resources.

Our programs will give your team:

  • A clear understanding of the organisation's values and what they mean to the team

  • An understanding of the individual thinking styles of team members and how these styles impact on team dynamics

  • An enhanced understanding of team problem solving to strengthen the team’s collective decision making

  • The ability to communicate openly and authentically to strengthen cohesion

  • An enhanced understanding of individual difference in a team, and how to value these differences


We use a range of approaches and tools in the design and delivery of workshops to ensure a diverse and sustaining learning experience for all team members.