Live Your Passion!

I recently went to a concert with Brian Cadd and Glenn Shorrock (I know! Really showing my age now!). These two septuagenarians really rocked the house! I was truly inspired by their energy and the obvious passion they had in sharing their art. I walked out of the concert on an inspirational and motivational high and it highlighted to me that anything is possible, at any time in life, when you follow and live your passion. I have used this word a lot lately with clients, family and friends and there are differing thoughts on what “passion” means. Some believe it is strong emotions or desires but I believe it is a conscious decision to focus your energy on goals and activities that are important to you and your life, and bring you genuine excitement and fulfillment. Following your passion and standing by your passion opens up a wealth of possibility, a fulfilling destination and a memorable journey! Rekindle your passion today! You won’t regret it!

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