Rekindling your Passion... and your Life!

I was talking with a client recently and she was describing how she was ‘lost’. She described how she had ‘lost herself’ and didn’t know who ‘she was anymore’. She went on to describe how she had lost her passion and motivation and along with it, her bubbly personality.

This often happens when we either have lost sight of our vision (or don’t have a vision) and not following our passion. We wander along in life, taking the opportunities presented to us without consideration for how they ‘fit’ with our long-term vision and goals.

This can also be the case when we are looking for a career change or looking to 'retire' - which in itself is a career change! We so often associate our identity with the work we do. For example when asked what we 'do' we often reply; I am a financial planner, a nurse or a children’s book writer. When in fact what these people do (their passion) is to guide people to live stress free financially. Or give people and families the compassion and support to be healthy again. Or motivate children to read and learn!

If you are 'lost' consider and list all the jobs you have had over your career. Also, consider the hobbies you have, or have had. For each of the things on your list, focus on what you loved about the work or the hobby. Remain in a state of enquiry and reflection - you may just rekindle your passion and find your energy again!

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