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Helping You Rekindle Your Passion

I have extensive experience in leadership development, executive coaching, and organisational development across a broad range of industries and sectors.

I am Human Synergistics accredited in:

- Life Styles Inventory™ 1 and 2

- Leadership Impact®

- Group Styles Inventory™

- Organisational Culture Inventory®

- Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™

- Extrem³e Thinking

I am also a Per-K® accredited practitioner, Access Bars practitioner and a Landmark graduate.

I have highly developed facilitation, presentation and interpersonal skills, and have a Masters in Business Administration.

TG Coaching & Consulting is an innovative boutique consultancy focussed on guiding you to expand your thinking.

How you THINK guides your 'take on life' and ultimately your behaviours and outcomes.

Together let's EXPLORE the relationship between your thinking and your experiences, and help you SHIFT to a new direction, level of capability and performance.