My Red Boots!

I had a pair of beautiful red boots quite a long time ago! Well, I thought they were beautiful! Every time I wore them I felt confident and proud!

I felt that I could conquer anything - and at the time I probably did! I felt special and always had a smile on my face. It seemed the red boots drew people to me and anything I attempted, I succeeded. The boots eventually saw their use-by date and I had to dispose of them, but I still had that sense of confidence and achievement, even without them. It seemed they had served their purpose.

I recently saw a photo of a young girl splashing around in a muddy puddle with a beautiful pair of bright red gumboots! It was at a time when life was throwing me challenges and my smile and can do attitude had diminished somewhat. The photo reminded me of my old red boots and the effect they had on me! I love the photo as it brought such joy and a sense of carefreeness to me.

It made me reflect on that time and I now realise that it wasn't the red boots that drew people to me - it was my smile. It wasn't the red boots that saw me conquer anything I tried, it was my can do attitude and sense of achievement. As a result of seeing the photo, I changed my outlook and approach, and once again had that smile on my dial, and my can-do attitude returned once again!

If you would like a dose of "red boot" therapy, contact me and let's work together to get you back on the road to achievement and success!

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