Ahhhhh! The Roses!

Our front yard is bounded by beautiful roses which are all a rich, deep burgundy colour and are now coming out in bloom. We also live 300m from a street that is abundant with cafes and interesting shops, so we tend to walk locally more than we drive.

As I was walking to the shops the other day, I noticed a beautiful rose in full bloom right at our gate. I took great delight in stopping and smelling it before I continued my walk. But this time, I also took a photo so that I could have the image of nature at its best with me all day long!

We speak often of mindfulness and the power and benefit of it for our health, but we often forget that it is simple things such as stopping to smell the roses (literally!) that is part of living a mindful life.

Mindfulness doesn’t just help to lift our spirits and feel the joy of living in the moment; it also helps us with our creativity and innovative thinking.

The latest in neuroscience research is proving that distracting us from a problem for which we seek an innovative solution and slowing our brainwaves, gives our unconscious minds the opportunity to respond with those amazing (and sometimes seemingly elusive ‘aha’ moments!)

On my return from the shops I did indeed achieve an ‘aha’ moment for a situation I was seeking a solution to!

Contact me to learn how to entice those innovative solutions to your problems and build mindfulness into your life, at the same time!

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